Rust servers down

Hey, i play the game by steam, and when i look for servers i get all there names but none show ping or players so i was wondering if the servers are down at this time or is there something wrong here?

Thanks guys, awsome game btw, get key just before sales ended :smiley:


Oh god, thanks dude, know when they will be back up? :slight_smile:


What about the ones hosted by FP? United Kingdom has been down for about half an hour.

I doubt Garry will wipe right now. Not sure though.

Damn, I am dying to get back onto it already! so addictive

When will EU central server be online?

You also can’t see the ping or number of players on some smaller resolutions, because the server name text gets too big and pushes the rest off screen. I can see everything fine on 1920x1080 though.