rust servers have problem! rust not lunching

hey every one! my rust ain’t opening so i started downloading it again and every one don’t 100000 GB internet so they don’t give shit i started downloading rust again !
my another problem is rust servers annoying me saying timed out
WHAT THE HELL? I AM in mid of war then dis connect! OMG
it some times happen and some times not since it say timed out i quite the game i wanna start it again it wasn’t starting and saying app already running i restart and everything u think!
so after all i was sorry for myself for buying rust!
**Kambo! :I **

Next time when you try to join a server check the ping (latency time) before you join the server.
If its under 200 you shouldnt get a timeout.
Timeouts happen, if your playing on a server with high ping like 300+.
The higher the ping value is the more time is needed to send/receive packets from the server.

my ping is 220-250
not more!

Try to play on a server that has like a 60 ping. Report if its still an issue then.

that’s pretty bad ping. try one closer with less (as lengro said, about 60 is reasonable, but as little as possible)