Rust servers without decay

Hello guys, do you know any good servers without decay?I played 210 hours in oficial uk4 server, and i lost my houses my stuff 4 times because of wall decay.I had huge tower near small rad town, later i had huge metal house near small rad town, and every month i go to vacations for a week, my houses brakes and someone lost all my stuff, so for me it is pointless to play in official servers.I need big server, with minimum 60-70 active players, and without decay, or white longer decay, and without wipes.Please post servers because it is hard to find like that server in about 8000 servers.

a server without decay probably wont be supporting 60-70 players, try like 20-30. if you manage to get a nodecay server that is consistently at or around 70 players, its going to be wiping probably weekly, if not more. The fact is, at this point in time decay and wipes are mandatory to maintain a lag free server, even with a population of like 40.

So okay what you can offer?I understand if there is not decay server will lag, and if there is decay you need every 2 days to log in if you have wooden house and for metal it is 4-5 days.I like this game i don’t care about updates, but decay is ruining this game because you need everyday to log in.

To my it is okay if server have decay, but longer,like week or 2 weeks for wooden wall.

Ours has no decay… last wipe was around 8 weeks ago now.

Not laggy either yet. Has 20-30 people most nights.

Ideally admins would have control over decay, so they can set a no-decay time (for example, 4 days, a week, 10 days or 2 weeks) after which a foundationed building will decay quickly (say, in 1-2 days). They should also be able to make it so that things like campfires, shelters, and other ‘temporary’ objects decay quickly (1-3 days) when not on foundations, or whatever other settings they choose.

This is my goal with the next (big) update of my Decay Control mod for Oxide, which will be released after the next Rust update lands. Complete, granular control for every aspect of decay in your server. An admin could make it so that wooden houses decay in 4-5 days but metal houses not for 3 weeks, or that all buildings take 5 days to decay but spikes never do, and so on. Players will by default have access to a /decay command which will give them information on the decay settings of any server running my mod - so you can check the setup before committing time to that server. Hopefully this will help the situation you’re currently facing… I agree that it’s a problem, which is why I’ve made this mod :wink:

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Coming soon! (this is a shot of an older version though, don’t want to give too much away haha) :slight_smile: