Rust Servers

Do you think Rust will add in more Rust servers and have people make there own server or do you think it should be one big server. I think it should be one big server

I agree, it should be one big server.

With a huge map and alot of players.
Would be fun as hell!

Well, the map wouldn’t be big enough for the massive fanbase that is anticipated.
Maybe it could be something like Planetside 2’s maps! :smiley:

There will be official servers that allows you to bring items from server to server, but the unofficial servers won’t.

This is a great idea, also if it were just one big server then one douche bag hacker may ruin it for everyone.

well i mean Rust could have two main servers to even out the players and etc but itll always keep it fun with alot of players etc… and you wont need to worrry about empty servers and then later they could make more maps etc. . .

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with the hacker thing there would always be hackers we all know they have no skill thats why they hack and later im sure rust will come out wit an anti hack thing like battle eye and stuff but with the idea to switch on main servers and not switch on nonmain servers would be cool!

I mean it would be alot better but being realistic i dont think its going to happen

They’re planning on it, but personally I wouldn’t like it.

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This isn’t DayZ, this engine doesn’t allow you to create your own scripts like ARMA.

I’d like maybe a few large servers. I’m talking somewhere between one and five - I like Rust in MMO form.

So what you’re saying is because this isn’t ARMA people can’t hack? :suicide:

The world will likely be expanded beyond what it is currently. However the world can only be made so large. To accommodate all the players multiple servers will likely be required. They could try doing something similar to what they did for Wurm Online. They have several islands that run off several servers. They are all linked by the oceans, if you build a boat and go far enough into the ocean you and your boat will be moved into the next server.

You could use the radiation areas similarly. Using the correct equipment you could cross the radiation zone and enter another area. You could then allow players to pick between several areas for them to start in. This will also allow the devs to keep expanding the world as they wish. Perhaps making new types of zones like cities and deserts.

I agree with Z!NX because we could have the primary server pvp and the secondary pve

What i think they should do is have all the 7 continents and when a player tries to join a server its says where are they from and you select one of the continent where u live in and it puts you on the same map but with every one from that continent. But you mite say every one is guna go to american one so what they do it have a max on 200 people per continent but they have about 2 or 3 server on each continent.
And if its full you need to wait tough luck. for me this is the best idea and the most convenient.

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EDIT: look how big the servers are now i can barely join on and they’re like 200 people and theres like over 100 of them thats a really bad idea and stating what the devs have already done aswell