Rust Shelters

I hear shelters despawn in 24 hrs or 5 days?

Is this only if you don’t use it or should I be planning a new shelter every 5 days?

I would hate to think my stuff vanishes every 5 days.

shelters despawn within 8 hours of inactivity e.g not using them

They really need to diminish the severity of decay

For something that costs 50 wood + a door and makes you plenty safe? That’s not a bad deal.

Right now Rust’s mechanics lean towards the larger servers. On smaller pop there isn’t much crowding so it’s a tad unnecessary, but on larger servers there is junk everywhere even with the current decay mechanics.

So make building more labor intensive instead of making building disappear daily.

So I’m not going to be able to get to my computer for the next 15 hours ? so my 20 hours game time will be lost?

and if I do use the game daily within the 8 hours does that mean it will essentially never despawn?

The shelter is a very temporary thing, and should be used as such. You should move on to at least a 1 square house within a day or 2 (in game days).

For securing items long term you should find a nice secluded place to call home (this location varies per server as people make bases in different places) and build a house there. Like CrunchNomNom said, you should move to a one block house at least.

As for using the game every 8 hours, just make sure to repair all your stuff when you first log back in and you should be golden with not being logged in for 12+ hours. Just refer to the wiki for decay times and details.

I’m slow and confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a difference in a shelter and building a shelter with 4 walls a ceiling etc?

Yes. Wood Shelter is a 1x1 size prefabricated structure. It has a despawn time of 12 hours. Building a house with Wood Foundation, Wood Pillars, wood walls, ceiling, and doorway (didnt link those because I don’t want this post to be all links) will last significantly longer and is much sturdier.

thank you very much.

I thought it was X days to be honest.

Lucky me, hid a set of kevlar and 2 M4s in my shelter since I knew my house was getting raided…


I do not build a shelter when I start a new game. I farm as long I have enough wood and metal ore to build a 1x1 wood base with metal door. Works fine for me.
(maybe you have to try more then once depending on the population on the server)