Rust - Short: 1 - Noob Hunt and Kill

Hello, just got done creating a new video today.

This took place on the server The Goonion [PVP / NO SLEEPERS]

IGN: Frank

Video editing is something i’m new at but very interested in let me know what you like or dislike I’d love feedback.

Well done! You, while well-armed and presumably well-armored, killed someone who basically had no way to fight back and was clearly trying to get enough basic resources to build some crappy house! Exceptional talent on display, here! For an equally fun and challenging real-life equivalent, I’d recommend trying out getting into a fist fight with a paraplegic!

As far as the video itself goes, though, it was pretty well edited and paced. Nothing exceptional, certainly, but I’ve also seen far worse. What program do you use?

Haha I know as far as the fight goes it was pretty ridiculous. I honestly wouldn’t have uploaded it if they didn’t give that reaction.

I use Sony Vegas Pro 12 is what I’m using and learning with.

so pro

The video or my noob shooting skillz?!??!!!?!

that’s my favorite song

Haha glad you liked it.

you killed a girl bro…smh.

So u killed a newb, who pleaded for their life? Grats man, grats u are so pro.

Otherwise pretty funny video… I have to admit with the whole song thing it made me lmao.

Yeah I that’s what I was going for and when they were begging for their life it made me think of sarah mclachlan anti killing or abuse videos made me feel bad.

was beautiful.

At least I know u have a heart now :P.

Thanks though I appreciate the criticism.

Well it was in all fairness a PVP server! and a nu-die should be prepared to die…alot!