Rust should be more like Don't Starve ( survival of elements, AI and Players )

Add seasons, add time, environmental hazards, difficulty increasing over time and growth beyond get gun shoot rockman.

Zombies are gone, now we have red wolves and the experimental version has just normal animals, maybe you guys can nail down new ai and new backgrounds for the game?
I mean the Robot idea is great, the Fallout 1/2 feel and the Survival is amazing.

IMO make the game more about survival and not about getting c4 and griefing.

Make it so we have to plan for the winter, hunt/gather in spring and Summer and provide challenges as time passes on the server.

Make a cooking/chemistry system which catapults into fuel/machining.

Make the game more robust and fun and not some tf2 hat shop c4 hiking sim.

by the way I love Rust and have run my own servers on it, I love modding and look forward to the new Rust.

Rust should be more like legacy Rust. That was a good game.

I like the ideas, OP. Maybe we can add them and have some of both. Survival and Raiding.

Don’t starve is a PVE game, so there has to be constant environmental challenge, though personally I find it tedious after a while. In rust your challenge comes from other players. Dayz is a middle ground, where you have the annoying survival maintenance and pve dangers while also having to worry about players. Rust made a clear decision to keep the tedium to a minimum and focus more on the danger from other players.

I do agree with your concept of technological advancement however, as those sort of things are needed to extend the gameplay if we ever want true no wipe servers.

give the game time, it’s just been playable for about 2 months

Dont starve is geting an update, dont starve together. It makes it online, so now there is pvp and pve combined. I am gonna play it hard.