Rust should be Rustic...Right?

I mean how do we have automatic rifles, 9mm’s and C4 Explosives, when the best gathering tools that we have are hatchets and pickaxes, and the crafting tools are a rock furnaces, and a wooden crafting tables? I think that this should be a more rustic time like somewhere in the mid 1800’s. Not so much cowboys and indians but more prairieland living, building homesteads. The best weapons are six shooters, lever-action rifles and sticks dynamite. Of course we’ll need cannons for protection and the ability to fortify our homesteads with wood or rock.

What do you guys think? This game is called Rust, unless they are going to change the name maybe they should go more rustic like the name applies.

I could not AGREEEE more with you man but there are to many kids out there who want to have it easy ! and they just vote dumb on people who want this game to acktually be a SURVIvOR GAME not a first person shooter.

Don´t get me wrong i love the pvp but like you said its dumb how you can get kevlar and m4 and so on just with a furnace and workbench lol

On the subject of personal preference, I’d prefer an early 1900’s type of feel. Airdrops and the like would still make sense, and we’d still have access to decent but not overpowered firearms.
But Garry is probably going to keep it the way it is.

I think Garry and the dev team have explained over and over that the newer-looking weapons are placeholders. Don’t forget, this game is still in it’s testing phases and you paid so you could experience this game and post suggestions and bugs on the forums (I hope). I think the dev team will sort out the weapons by the time of release.

I could not agree more with things being more ‘rustic’. I am looking forward to it. My only real problem is I get so excited about what’s around the corner I’m like a kid in a candy store… I think the revolver and bolt action were steps in the right direction and I like where those items are headed.

I think rust should be called “RAGE”
Because all the day i see peopples raging in the chat lol

I like Rust as it is to be honest. However, it should be much harder to obtain the military weapons and equipment. I don’t think it should be craftable either, only found and very rare. At least until they introduce more advanced tools to make things with. And the crafting requirements should be tweaked to where they hurt your resources to craft.

AGREE 100%

you guys are actually idiots

We have ratings for that.

Personally I just wish the weapon sway and recoil weren’t so bad on pretty much all the guns.

The handguns have just enough sway to make headshotting a bobbing zombie (or one over 20m away) annoying but the recoil means that you have to point at their groin (if you’re lucky) in order to put two successive shots into a human-sized figure.

The shotgun is reasonable on both counts but doesn’t matter since aim isn’t a big factor in its utility.

The mp5 is fairly steady but does less damage than the P250 and the recoil means that it might as well not be automatic.

The m4 is probably the best all-around with less recoil than a handgun and almost imperceptible sway.

And then there’s the bolt-action… the almost impossible to find bolt-action, that does the most damage. Still not enough damage to kill anything but a fast zombie or naked human… but still the most. Of course the problem is its a dual action weapon with a 3 round magazine that’s supposed to be made up for by its damage and distance. The problem is that the gun has so much weapon sway you’re lucky if you can hit a target at all past 20m, let alone the headshot required to kill slow zombies or players). And while we’re on the subject, the gun doesn’t just sway, it drifts; I can sit there without moving my hand for 5 minutes and the reticle still won’t return to its initial target… it just slowly drifts down and left.

Those are my thoughts anyway… I don’t care what the gun looks like, but for the love of god, let me actually aim at my target.

FYI, “rustic” originates from the Latin rus, for the country/rural life.

“Rust” is from Old English and is similar to the Dutch roest, and the German rost.

There is no linguistic or logical connection between Rust and it being in a specifically rural setting. Rustic is not formed by adding “ic” to “rust”.

The devs intend on changing around what items are available and how easy they are to get. Balance will come in time.

Here’s what I believe is currently in the alpha and will stay

  1. Crafting
  2. Day/night cycles
  3. Random events (air drop)
  4. Players chatting in proximety
  5. Gathering Resources
  6. Npcs
  7. Building/structures

Everything else is a may/may not stay - Basically the ‘core’ of the game is here, the actual content and fillings are not in yet - I’m sure the game will turn out to be more survival and less random killing by tenfold towards a year(s) distance from now

And dozens will quit, but dozens will join

This is pretty off topic but I agree entirely.

I’d argue the Bow is better than the Bolt Action simply because you can actually hit things with it.