Rust Single Player

Does anybody know a way to play rust single player? Now that it’s on steam it’s seems possible. I would like to play without an internet connection because I travel ALOT and the hotels I stay at don’t always have good wifi.

I would imagine that it’s not possible until they let us host our own servers. Although, I could be wrong.

It really isn’t a single player game. I don’t know how SP would be even remotely fun.

Only beneficial thing from Rust Single player would be allowing a individual to get use to the game without the threat of raids or dying to another player.

But then when they get into the Multiplayer…they probably would quit after the first few hours due to constant dying or something along those lines.

I would like it just to build some cool looking structures without the threat of being griefed.

Exactly!!! I play pvp regularily but I would like to build a giant maze or structures over mountains while im bored and to target practice. If i could open it to LAN that would be amazing!!!

Would be a fun idea for those just wanting to experience the game and not the players.
Though I would think with such a small download that the game is not entirely client sided.
There is most likely a chunk that is server based that we do not have.