RUST single-player

How i can play RUST in single-player (offline), in my PC, alone?
I like RUST multi-player, but sometimes like build only, whitout pvp,
whitout other people… RUST will implement a single player mode?

You can run a private Rust server on your computer. Or another option is to join a PvE only community server. There are a lot of them out there. Even some that are modded with 3-10x gather rate for builders.

Even better option: find a server with low ping, close to you (even modded or Oxide), and play on that.

Single-player Rust.

Can you indicate here an guide (links) for this? :eng101:

Here’s a link with instructions on downloading and installing the server.

Essentially you’ll need to download SteamCMD, and through that install the Rust server.

Once the server’s installed, you should find it in whatever you set for your install path :-
i.e force_install_dir c:\SteamCMD\rust_server\

Open up notepad and paste this :-
RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “Test Server” +server.port 20480 +server.identity “facepunchdev” +server.seed 6738

Then in notepad, go to File -> Save, change ‘Save as type’ to ‘All files(.)’, set a name such as launch.bat, and save it in the C:\steamcmd\rust_server.

To launch the server go to the rust server folder and double click the batch file.

Now go to Steam and launch rust. Once on the main menu, hit F1 and type client.connect <your PC’s IP address>:20480, hit enter and you should connect!

I try to install in Linux, but, despite appear the words Success! App ‘258550’ fully installed. when i type ./rust_server -batchmode, the steamCMD display the word: >>> command not found: ./rust_server.

I found this page in internet, and I noticed this writing:

Do you have any idea? (in the /home/steam/steamcmd/rust_server does not seem to present the program of the dedicated server I know a little because long ago I subscribed to a dedicated server for two months). :suicide:

Hmm the only thing that springs to mind is to ensure the rust_server executable has execute permission.

If I recall correctly it’s something along the lines of chmod a+x <filename>.

I don’t use linux that often though… :downs:

The problem is that: it is not just the executable in the folder (file .sh).

Some willing, experts in Linux, could help me? :rolleyes:

The Linux dedicated server is basically broken right now. Last I heard, people were getting Rust servers running on Linux by getting the Windows DS to work through WINE.

The Linux dedicated server isn’t abandoned, but the Rust dev team doesn’t have a ton of strong Linux experts on it. They’re focusing on the Windows version of the server for the time being after it proved too difficult to keep the server build for both platforms updated at the same time and still make actual game updates fast enough.

I expect that better Linux support will come further down the line when the dedicated server itself is more stable and further along.

unfortunately, a lot of the more linux savvy players seem to have left out of frustration, so they are probably not getting much analytics either. after all, playing it via WINE is pretty much like playing via native windows, so not much value to the data there:/

Thank you, I can finally put the soul in peace waiting for a client-alone server and running in Linux. I will continue to use this thread for any further information.

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I personally think WINE a brake on development programs in Linux, prevents the will to create compatible programs developed in WIndows, thanks anyway for your interest.

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i think that you should have the following options:

single / multi player
wolves and bears / no wolves or bears
creative / survival (creative allows players tO use F1) (they can also fly)

My Server works great under Debian 8 with wine.
If u want an easy setup, look at docker and rust, than maybe you find my docker-container on github.

It gives me a laugh seeing that quote. “We hope Linux people will point out the problems so Garry can call them second class citizens on twitter because nobody at facepunch knows their arse from their elbow when it comes to Linux” is what it should have said.

It’s not out of frustration, it’s out of lack of choice.

Still, it gives me time to pop into these forums and see how much hasn’t been done.

About a month and a half now since I’ve been able to play.

Whatever happened to “Linux users won’t be left out in the cold” facepunch? I’m bloody freezing.

I noticed very shortly after that comment on twitter that facepunch have had to re-enable DDoS protection on this forum. :lol:

Sure the two are completely unrelated though…

(i wrote that in april, withnail mate. a few months before that most of the players actively trying to figure out a workaround for linux ended up leaving for the same reason you are frustrated.)

This isn’t Minecraft…
:disappoint: :hammered: