Rust Singleplayer/Solo-play?

Do you guys think it would be cool if Rust had a singleplayer or solo-play if we didn’t have an internet connection?

Post your thoughts below, just thought about it then and I want to know if anyone else thinks it’s a cool idea.

I think it would be good to have some sort of singleplayer especially if NPC’s are introduced into the game. This would give Newbies a chance to tone up their gun skills and make a massive base without having to worry about bandits smashing the door down.

I could see this happening, but only with NPC’s. However this would take away a big part of the game, PvP survival. This is one of the main thing’s that makes this game so great.

i agree with would take away the pvp aspect of it. but if they added a back story to it. that would be epic!