Rust Singleplayer

I know this idea has been thrown around a few times on this forum but i honestly think it is a good idea for the alpha because of all the instability with the servers atm.

Well there probably only gonna release servers in beta or full release

Eh, you act like it’s a permanent thing or something that’s going to last a long while when it’s really not.

They’re already working on ironing out the problems with the servers and preventing such from occurring again.

Simply be patient. Maybe single-player will be added in the future, but not now.

I just don’t see the point of rust single player… i don’t see the point of PVE either but i get why people want it

But single player? i just don’t get it… that is like buying WoW and then playing on an unpopulated private server

just why?

if you really are that opposed to pvp your best option could be looking into making your own server with your friends and password protecting it or just abuse your admin powers against people you dont like XD

Exactly. I believe it would be incredibly boring after a while, so boring that I’d blow all my shit up and suicide - never to bother with single-player again because of how much it can be a bore.

I enjoy low populated servers mostly for the simple reason that you don’t get fucked over every 2 seconds, but it’s kind of lonely and boring. You have nobody to fuck with or be friends with. Boo. No fun.

It’s fun to run around and see others, while maybe being that dickhead who shoots them. I sniped a guy with a bow the other day and oh my god was that satisfying.

There’s little to no purpose or risk in getting resources unless there is people around. That adds a whole lot Rust - nothing is easy. You have to take the risks for the rewards. Yeah sure the dickheads in full kevlar who kill newbies are sad, but oh well. You’ll eventually get better at the game and be able to defend yourself :slight_smile:

Basically, there is no real purpose for a single-player; although they may add it still, who knows.

Yeh, I’ve wanted to tear my hair out and quit after some guy with a rifle killing me while i’m getting food from an animal but… i also like chasing people with a bow!! so it’s give an take… some people i just see them cower and scream “Please don’t kill me” so i let them live and throw them some food and that satisfies me

sadist/narcissistic <-- best combo to have when playing RUST

I just want to say that if u actually give this game a chance u will rage quit and find yourself playing an hour later asking yourself
“why am I still playing after I quit”
but the truth is this game is just oddly satisfying

I love killing people with a bow and they have like the best gear like kevlar

why the fuck would you want to play this game as a single player game. It would literally be the most boring shit ever.

I doubt they will add single player into the game since most of the game revolves around other players.

Some people enjoy single player but yeah it would be boring.

Those were my first two days, just kept dying and playing, dying playing, thinking “why am I still playing this” and then stumble across an ore deposit and forget all about my death. Once you actually make a little camp, armor, weapons, you feel quite satisfied. Then you die. and here I still am =)

Some people would enjoy single player. Just because you might not, doesn’t mean they won’t. Maybe people just want to practice, or survive, or build bases… Or experiment… all without the hounding of massive groups of trolls and jerks.

Just saying, I think it’d be a good idea, but y’know I’m open minded to suggestions while some people don’t like the idea of progress in an alpha game.

I can understand people wanting the option to make local lan servers i guess… just to have family play or something but why don’t they just join a low population PVE server then?

I guess if enough people want single player they might contemplate it but i just don’t see the devs wanting that feature programmed into the game at best you will probably be allowed to host a local server, it would be easier

Some people just aren’t as resourceful as we are, lovely. ;D Finding a 0/50 Population Server is apparently a difficult thing for about 82% of noobcakes.

Maybe it’s about immersion and survival? Maybe some people feel more immersed in a survival setting when they don’t log in to see their house gone. Other people make it interesting to a point. I think I’d rather jack up the spawn intervals and population of zombies. Then you have the experience people want when they say single player.

It’s easy to base the entire challenge on other players if you’re all playing at once, but one fun is there to come back to starting over? Somebody with more time than you but potentially less than half the skill just put you back to the starting point.

the problem is sleepers i would like to disconnect a Rust server knowing that when i come back my house may not be there but at least the stuff i was holding when i disconnected is still there, when i play rust i make sure i have 7 hours to play because if i leave and then i come back 30 mins later i got raided and my sleeper got killed im fine with raiding my house but at least i keep the stuff that was in my inventory.

Is that what “No sleeper” means in the community servers? You can log out with your stuff and not worry about it?

It will get stabilized soon enough, making a whole new mode just for a quick fix is stupid. Just be patient.

Single player is a nice idea! It would allow the player to get used to the game and explore the game while under no presure. If there was a single player mode right now I’d be playing it, building a sick base and just chilling.