Rust Sky Glitching PLEASE HELP!!!

Hey Guys i really need help with Rust this is what is happening with my rust and im mad cause its a really good game. But i cant play it for some reason? Well like this.

Checkout the link this is what is happening to my rudt please reply and message me on steam if needed just post your steam name! Thanks

ps. If you need my pc info just say but other then my sky issues my game runs like butter on fantastic!

Not sure what you’ve already tried to fix it but I would try running it on the lowest settings first, if that fixes it, incrementally increase the settings till it breaks again, or see if you can optimize your graphics card to run the game better (is the card running hot?). Also if you’re running on steam try and verify the integrity of your game cache

I tried everything bro ill go from fastest to fantastic and everything but doesnt work. but when i run without steam all textures are there but extemely laggy!

Well seems the skybox texture isn’t loading, can you connect to a server and look for an error in the console using the F1 key?

Now cant get in to a server! like server will load while the server screen is on top of it

Try using the forum search function, because you are not the first person this’s happened to, nor the last.

i Tried

Im having an issue where I cannot connect to community servers (it wont even attempt it seems) but was able to connect to official servers. Can you connect to Official?

The only thing I can suggest without an error message is to re-install the game to possibly fix the texture issue. I’m personally going to reinstall mine to see if it fixes my server issue (restarting steam or PC hasn’t worked, nor has enabling Dev Beta in Steam)

i reinstalled it twice