Rust SnS Server [.25 Craft] [Edited L00t Tables] [not craftable c4 but lootable] [ts] [forums] [Active Admins] [PvP] wiped 1/16/14

This server contains 1/4 craft time only lootable c4 from zombies and crates (spreads out the c4) Tournaments
Great admins active community great staff great players
Connect Ip: net.connect

About the SnS community: The SnS community is a great community that anyone can be apart of. They own tons of servers and their own dedi machine. They own
Counter Stike source. Garys Mod 3 ttt server. Minecraft Server still in the makeing. They also own 1 dark rp server on garys mod. Then obviously a rust server. They will be opening many more servers eventually considiring with all these servers that they are running they dont use 1/4 of the ram

Ty please join me and everyone else on this great server

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Also the airdrop minimum is set to 25

Also only thing we abuse is Hackers but that’s ok

Great server, great admins. Would recommend.

Love these guys!

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ty Gedster

No, thank you random citizen!

you guys are funny

Hopefully we get enough people to fill the server.

Great server

Yes we need to fill the server right now its got 20 30 players that play but not all are on at once come try us out and get startedx

Good team here

Just won an epic 2v2 tournament. 5v5 coming soon

4v4 match going on now!

Good stuff man

Its good!

Love it!


Join us!

We are having fun!

join us!