Rust so hard now?

I honestly don’t know whats happening with Rust. Well, after the updates with the red mutant wolves & bears I haven’t been able to loot any weapons or anything useful. I ALWAYS get Laser Sight, Flash light mod or something else totally shitty. I remember the good old times where it would take 10 minutes to get a P250 or a pickaxe and then have fun, but now it’s just shit IMO.

Whats your opinion, if you have any?

Eerr’… Go craft a bow/pipe shotgun?

Keep searching you’ll find one. Are you sure you’re not on a server where they’ve adjusted
the loot tables?

Besides it’s just random luck.

Agreed, probably either random luck or your current server. I found shotty BP and P250 with rounds in the same run through small rad last night. Don’t give up! :slight_smile:

It’s entirely luck based progression. Its a big problem with the game and in this instance you got unlucky.

I always craft a bow & pipe shotguns, but I just remember the good times where you was able to loot 1 weapon crate and nearly always get a weapon, but that doesnt happen for me anymore… I haven’t got 1 single weapon for like 4 days now and I play 5+ hours a day.


Lots of server owners have made them rare to find that way. How many servers have you tried?

I can’t wait till weapon drops are even more rare. Bow and pipe shotguns. That’s how I imagine the game is supposed to be. Not a deathmatch COD game, where you spawn in and 10 minutes later you are in gun fights. That’s just my humble opinion though.

Yes, but at this point it’s just not funny anymore. I also expect it to be harder, but that’s when there is more weapons that we can craft.

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6 Servers mate. I change servers all the time trying to get a decent start.

There should be no weapon drops at all at unprotected loot crates. Getting a gun should be difficult, not running between loot crates, doing something easy and it all depending on luck.