Rust Solo Raid - 1vs3 [First video]

It’s my first Rust video, i decided to raid a base and hey why not record.

Hope you guys like, leave your thoughts, any opinions will be appreciated. :slight_smile:
I did go back to get the rest of the loot, just didnt record, anyways i did get banned recently from the server for “Suppost hacks” xd so, guess will start looking for a new one.

very impressive taking out those players with you solo. I thought you were gonna die at one point when you had single digits of health left haha. You still looking for a server? I just started playing on a pretty good one thats kinda like a RPG with missions and skills. Take a look at their toprustpage.

gg they left in the end :smiley:

Love the kind of people who build a 3 story 4x3 with not a single internal door…

But why did you use C4 on a house with a wooden door? :stuck_out_tongue:

kudos to you for raiding alone! good job

Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.
Yes i could have hit the door a few times, but they would problably open it trying to shot or i could have just used one C4 on it, but i was actually expecting that they would be downstairs aiming at the door, so i wanted to get in from the side.
And yes Tate I have already found a really good server but thanks for letting me know tho :slight_smile: