Rust Space Program.

This is what happens when we get bored in rust. we gave ourself a few stacks of wooden planks and decided to build the highest tower possible. After countless stacks we have yet to find any height limitations.

The falling time from top to ground is about 45s. …After many more hours of building we will reach the cosmos, for sure.

May add some pictures later.
Video here:

Not another thread with that.
I’m tired of stairs.


Dumb rates from dumb people.
Works every time. :v:

It reminds me of that guy who jumped out of that hot air balloon. Michael Baumgarten.

But that just happens when you are bored and don’t have anything else to do.

put him in the madhouse

I thought the picture was interesting. When you get higher post another pic.

I can see my house from there :rock:

There will be a video on youtube tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Ive managed to build higher than that. i timed it on my phone stopwatch a freefall took 58 sec to hit the gound. it was so big it lagged everybody that went near it for a good 2 secs just so it could render in. but i quit cause climbing that massive tower is more trouble than what its worth. ill continue my tower when garry installs an elevator on it. lol

Well if there aliens u will be the chosen one to contact with em.

Keep going until you reach the skydome.

Record a video of falling from this height :wink: and put a song “mad world” as background :]

STAAAAAAAAIRS? I can’t climb stairs. Find me another way minion.

Really? Not Stairway to Heaven?

Then jump off the ledge and play it backwards?