Rust specific stuttering glitch!

i discovered a stutter which happens after receiving an crafted item, heres how it happens.

  1. i join modded server with insta craft for example, i start crafting anything, lets say 3 cupboards
  2. as soon as cupboard is crafted (which is insta) it starts to stutter intervally always the same, 3 cupboards insta crafted, 1-3 microstutters per second!
  3. i close inventory, still stuttering all the time intervally, if i craft 10 cupboards, it stutter even more intense!

the only fix ive found is opening and closing inventory a few times, because first time doesnt usually help, after that its smooth again, till i open inventory or craft again.

please investigate! btw, i can only play on DX9 mode because when i join server in the other version (my card suppots DX10 but not 11) it crashes with no log after shader warmup.

i might change resolution (from 1280x800) to my native in game for getting those micro stutters away, but then im stuttering because my laptops screen is big (1920x1200) and videocard is not that powerful (Nvidia Quadro FX 2800M 1GB(even though it says 4GB), i know i know its not for gaming…)

gonna check this one

This sounds like exactly what happened to my old computer. The game would start to stutter like crazy and the only way I could fix it was to open and close my inventory a few times. Turned out to be one of my ram sticks were completely fucked.