Rust Specifications Question.

Hi, first of all i’d like to say that i’m in no way complaining about performance issue.
I understand the game is currently in alpha (October 2015) and that minimum/recommended specs may change in conjunction with development progres.

I am interested in upgrading my Desktop PC to play Rust better.
Here are my specs:

Windows 7 - 64bit
Intel Core i5 4590 - 3.30 GHZ
Corsair Vengance DDR3 - 2x4GB
AMD Radeon R9 200 - 4096MB (Sapphire)

I can play Rust perfectly on high settings - but before long, perhaps 10 mins, my PC fans start to wur, and i slowly begin to notice a considerable FPS drop, perhaps 20 FPS with the occasional split-second-freeze.
As a result, i have to run the game in graphics setting 2 or 3 if i want to play for a couple of hours without these symptoms slowly occurring again.
As previously stated, i understand this is due to graphics optimizations, etc, and I am not complaining.

What i’d like to know is, which area of my specifications could benefit an upgrade in order the run the game on high-highest settings for a considerable amount of time?
I’d assume my CPU could be partly the problem, however in Speccy my CPU heat levels are often reported to be at roughly 70 degrees celcius even on low settings. In high settings the temperatures of my CPU and GPU can reach 80 after a short while, which is just peaking on their limits (hence the performance drop, i assume).

Should i think about upgrading my CPU to something like an i7?
Should i think about upgrading my cooling system? (i am using the stock CPU fan plus 2 or 3 case fans)

Thanks! any information on this appreciated.

Those specs certainly aren’t bad. I don’t think any upgrade here would be worth the cost in terms of the improvements you are seeking. I’d wait at least a couple more releases to see how they are progressing on optimizations and fixing the memory leaks before I considered spending any money.

Get a better gpu. that’s about all you are slacking on.

It sounds like a heat issue and as suck you only upgrade would be a better case to better handle the heat. I run similar specs but with an AMD eight core and run at 4ghz. My storm trooper case removes the heat with ease so I never get higher than 38c with everything maxed and I play for hours and hours. I have 12 gig of ram which helps with the memory leaks of course.

Lots of people look at specs but never consider what they are putting the components into! A good quality high air flow case can make a big difference

You may just be getting frame drops due to memory leak issues.

Check your temps and see if they are normal and if so wait until they improve the leaks a bit more. Your specs should be fine and frame drops after playing for a while aren’t usually hardware problems. Some extra RAM may delay the issue but other than that, just restarting your game should solve the issue for now.

I’ve come to believe it is a heat problem, as I’ve noticed a slight increase in performance and reduction of fan-noise since i moved my computer from a computer-sized area built into my desk to the actual desk-top behind my monitor.

I can manage with my current graphics/performance state, I’ve been playing like this for over half a year now so i’ll wait for further memory leak progress and optimizations in updates etc.
If heat problems persist, whats everyones opinions on these expensive cooling systems i see, like water cooling, etc. Is it a gimmick? Is it for people running super-gaming computers? :L

My case is a Corsair Carbide Series 200R, ill admit i was going cheap here when building.
however it is pretty much 50% empty inside. It has 1 fan at the front and 1 fan at the back - would it help to simply buy a couple more case fans for the sides/top??
Or would i be better off simply investing in a more expensive case?

Thanks everyone!

I have been building PC s since the late eighties and I’ve never bothered with liquid cooled systems. As long as you can move lots of air your fine. One fan front and one rear isn’t enough air flow for sure. My storm trooper is a beast of a case but with the 200 mm top fan and the 5 other fans for the case alone it moves a lot of air. Just because fans are big does not mean noise actually the opposite, the larger fans move more air at lower RPM so they are quite quiet. Someone else can chime in on the liquid cooled systems