Rust Specifications

Good afternoon guys,

I am thinking of buying a new computer that should the game Rust as well,

Could anyone give me more information about the recommended specifications for a computer to play Rust?

Card, processor… Ram… etc…

Thank you in advance;)

Rust’s minimum and recommended specs are on the Steam Store page.

Could you please post your current specs?

I was thinking about building a new rig soon but I gonna wait till the end of the year when the new processors hit the market.

I build a shit pc with quadcore 4ghz 8 gb ram intel ssd and 2gb video card i got off craigslists for $80.

What i really wanted was 8cores 4ghz with 8 gb video card and 24gb ram and a raid drive with 2 ssds on raid 0

Well if it helps. i run an older i5 2500k cpu, 8gb ram and a gtx 970. It runs the game maxed out problems.