rust startup eror

when i open rust and it shows the facepunch studios sign and it just sits there and nothing happpens


Post your system specs. CPU, RAM, video card, please.

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NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
AMD Athlon™II X2 215 2.70 GHz
8.00 GB Ram

I’d like you to go into Control Panel, and then into Programs and Features, and find .NET Framework 4.5. If you don’t have it, install it.

If it’s there, repair it and reboot. If Rust still doesn’t get past that screen, uninstall it, reboot, and then download and install it from the link above.

That didn’t work

What version is your graphics driver? (xxx.xx)

GeForce 337.88

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or this


If it’s 337.88 that second number shouldn’t be ending with 3.3523 (335.23) because those files are from a release 10 weeks before 337.88.

Tell me exactly what number you’re seeing the come up in? It may be no big deal, but it might be the whole problem if your drivers are half-updated, half old.

how do i do that

Tell me exactly where you found these two numbers. If it’s easier, just take a screenshot of the Nvidia control panel showing the driver versions and post it to imgur.

i found the geForce 337,88 from the nvidia control panel
and the 9.18.13,3523 from the device manager in the system section of the control panel

Okay, the Nvidia control panel is what I primarily care about; if 337.88 installed happily without replacing everything from 335.23, maybe Nvidia designed it that way. I don’t have an Nvidia card myself so I can’t tell.

Anyway, so you’ve got the latest drivers according to Nvidia’s control panel, at least, so we can probably leave that alone for now.

Let’s try reinstalling DirectX in case there’s something wrong with it. Use this, it’ll only download what it needs.

It may tell you you’re fine and offer a repair option, choose that. If it just doesn’t want to install anything and says you’re fine, well, that’s okay.

said no need since its already installed