Rust Stays Black

Rust used to work fine on my laptop. Recently I upgraded to Windows 8. Now Every time I start it Unity loads, then it goes straight to black screen, and wont load.
I have checked all my drivers and made sure everything is up to date.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Yeah it used to work for me too but now I just get a black screen. I didnt update my windows or change anything, it just suddenly stopped working

apparently it loads normally while the screen stays black. When i get in the game, i see no hud at all (so its unplayable)

I have the exact same problem. Black screen, eventually some text pops up in the upper left-hand corner (Connecting to, then under it something about how much percentage Mesh.Bake is loading).

After that I get into the game, I can see the world and what other people are saying. But that’s it. No HUD whatsoever.

I’m using Google Chrome and an Intel HD Graphics 3000 video card with current drivers.

I have the same problem too, but I’m not so lucky. I don’t even get to play the game, I just get half a screen full of sky and then several content errors. I also use Google Chrome.

Same for me. Tried Chrome, FF and IE. All are black to me.

System specs:

I also have the same problem, running Google Chrome on Windows 8 with latest Unity Web Player.
Using NVIDIA GT 540M with latest drivers.

Same here, black screen for 5 minutes. My specs are i5 2nd gen, GT630M, about 4 gigs of memory. Tried in FF.

EDIT: It’s a fresh Windows 8 installation with all drivers up-to-date.

EDIT2: It loaded after a while, but I had no hud and there was a buttload of graphical lag and graphical glitches. Not to mention the connection lag.

Sounds like we’re all on laptops.

Using a laptop, isn’t working for me either.

Same problem. Running Chrome on Windows 7. I get the black screen for a while and then some text loads in the top left then Unity crashes.

Weird thing is that a few months back Rust worked perfectly fine (albeit on my old laptop).

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Tried it on FF and IE, same thing.

It seems to be a laptop only problem…maybe there will be a fix soon

Happens on my desktop computer. I have Windows 7 and other Unity browser games work just fine.

Happens to me too, just black screen :suicide:

works OK on macbook FF

Running it on a desktop and I also am having this problem.

You may want to try these solutions I posted in another thread.
Here is the link:

Let me know if it helped.

**EDIT: I noticed on the Unity - Web Player page that it doesn’t specify if Windows 8 is supported. It might be unstable on that platform.

I’m getting this too, but the game seems to still be using my network connection so I assume it must be downloading still? Does anyone have a rough size estimate of the game download, and should I be seeing a progress bar or something?

**edit: **It’s working now, but it looks really glitchy and I can’t see the hud, Windows 7, Nvidia 540M, i5.

I fixed the problem by forcing Chrome to use my dedicated graphics card instead of Intel HD. Right click on browser shortcut and choose Run with graphics processor.

Yup, this works. Fixed it for me too. The lag didn’t help much but at least I wasn’t starting at a black screen.

i’m sorry but when i right click on the shortcut, this ‘‘run with graphics processor’’ doesn’t appear.