Rust Steam Inventory Questions

Hello all,

So I was wondering if there were any more details on how to gain steam inventory blue prints for Rust?
I know on the update log it mentioned “play a few hours” and you might get something, however was anything said (elsewhere) on receiving items whilst afk’ing in a game (a.k.a idling.)
Another question I had was is there a limit to how many items you can receive in a day.



I am slowly getting more and get about one a day - or maybe one every 2 days. Mostly useless clothing I would not wear in game - but it’s still cool to have a collection.

Can people gain items by idling or is ingame activity needed?

I am pretty sure just being in game is enough (even afk). I can’t see them coding in that you have to take actions.

Can I get drop on modded servers?