does anyone have any unwanted steam key one would be greatly appreciated. thx and have a nice day

(User was banned for this post ("Unwanted steam keys can be bought at - thanks" - MaxOfS2D))


(I could use one)

Just buy it on Steam?
Maybe i missunderstood your post,but where is the Problem?

i have money but my dad wants me to use it to buy a xbox one game but i dont want to i want to buy rust and ive tried everything and this way is my last way of being able to get this game

I have an unwanted Steam key. I would love to give it to some random kid :smiley:


So when your dad give you money for an XBox Game but you want to buy Rust,i see no difference.Hmm

my dad didnt give me money its mine

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can some one please help me out with 0ne u get one for free just for signing up on there website before the game realesed on steam

Are you in middle school or high school? Doesn’t this game have an age requirement?

im 17 senior in high school ya age limit is 17 and up

Cool, if you have a GPA of above 3.5, I will buy you a copy

you should at least tell your dad that you want to buy the floppy dick simulator 2013
he will understand

yes i do i can send u my report card i have all A’s

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lol no

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r u seriously gunna buy me a copie or is this just a big joke