Rust Steam Price in €

will Steam cost 20€or 15€ ? because its 19.99 USD ^^

dumb question. just wait till 11th december :wink:

Take 19.99 USD as your base model and convert it to what ever currency you use. As long as it still converts back to 19.99 USD, it’s right.

In this case, 14.54 €.

Yea, cuz i want an Skin for a Game on Steam and it costs 5 € so if i buy it now then i have 15€ and when it costs 20 € im fucked


If Steam does the converting wrong… it will be 20€ which sucks, but I think its going to be 14.99€ or the convertion from $19.99 to € which is 14.54€

steam doesn’t do that, it’s going to be 20€

Steam… I just hope it makes it 14.99€ because 20€ is a little too much for me and I have 30€ Ready for two games … Rust (hoping it will be 15€ and another game which will be 15€ also I think) so… xD

it’s going to be 20€

@gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle, how do u know^^? because if Steam doesnt do wrong or smth it should be like 14.99 oder 14.49

no other game does that

Well… I guess i’m gonna wait for the other game first… xD

In der Alpha hat es knapp 15 Euro zu der Zeit gekostet.Nun ist es ein Vorab Release,also rechne mit mehr

I just checked, sometimes when a game releases with a USD price… steam lowers 3 euros or does the converting but they just add some Euros there… HM…

Steam doesn’t force price conversions, it’s entirely up to the publisher of the game on Steam. You could have 20$ and 2€ if you wanted to

Yeah, 20$ in UK/ US means 20€ in EU in Steam. Garry said it’ll be under 20$. I think 19.99$ or 18.99$.

Wow :confused: its just like throwing 5 €away :smiley: but i still would but it for 50 € :smiley:

EU has 21% tax while US doesn’t. Isn’t that the reason?

Sooo can Devs do the actual conversion and make it 14.99€ on steam ? D: ahah at least for the early access

Just turn on a USA VPN and buy it…