rust still crash after asset warmup new fix didnt help

my game still crash after the new update fix… it is loading asset warmup and then it shut down, and i get out to steam

like up…

Same here on my PC with Windows 10

Same problem. Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

same problem , win7 64x

and now after the ekstra ekstra new fix its still not working, crashing after asset warmup

WIN 7 64bit , same problem

yeah i also have win 7 64bit… i really hope they will fix it soon.

ditto – stable on {linux x64, 6GB RAM} consumes up to 5GB while loading assets, induces a hang, then dies at the hand of the kernel.

are y’all having RAM problems or is this unrelated?

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also, when launched from steam -> unity launcher, rust spawns a window briefly then closes without tracing to the console or dmesg (not a segfault).

launching without arguments directly works

Same problem, fix this fck!

Same here…

Same problem… pls fix it…

same here is it the update

I have the same problem. I solved this running Rust in Directx9 mode!

I hope that help u :smile:

Thanks man! It worked , but the problem is that the game is kinda glitchy when i start the game that way, i see black sky , and some glitched textures… But no that much … But yea i can finally play rust again atleast , thank you very much @Likens ^^