Rust still hijacks my internet upon loading (since experimental).

This has been going on for quite some time. Didn’t do it on Legacy.
I have a 10Mb connection and whenever Rust gets to the menu there’s about 30-45 seconds where I cannot connect to a website nor a Rust server. Once this period is over, NP.
This has been a thing spanning two different homes on two separate computers.

Remember when people were saying it was disconnecting their wifi? Yeah. Doesn’t matter if I’m wifi or hardlined. It stalls all connections for a brief time, with the exception of Steam calls, be it HTTP, FTP, etc.

No other online game does this.

Any ideas?

First guess would be the same problem some people have with source games. When the client starts searching for servers it simply locks up all available concurrent connections for the person’s router. Steam has a setting that limits connections per second, not sure if it would apply to rust though.

Ok I used to have this problem on old rust, I had a router that was a few years old and couldn’t seem to handle the amount of servers loading at once, after getting a new one, this problem went away.

Another thing you can try is this

Open steam
At the top left go to
Steam / Settings / In-Game and at the bottom it should say “In-Game Server Browser: Max pings / minute”
If you lower this by a considerable amount, it might help.

Thanks. I’ll give this a go.

EDIT: This works, kinda. I can still open other sites, etc, but Rust still lags connecting to a specific server during this time.

That part most likely doesn’t have to do with the number of concurrent connections. If you want to really test that and feel comfortable messing with your registry(basically don’t just run around randomly clicking, adding, deleting, or changing things) try this:

Adjust the number entered accordingly.