Rust stole my game idea


Facepunch studios and Rust stole my game idea.
I made a prototype of the game that was supposed to be exactly the same thing as Rust. It was made with Unity C#.

The video was uploaded in November 2012 but published today:

I would like to get something (10% of the profit) because you were clearly inspired by this footage.

I’m not taking sides or anything, but this video was uploaded a shitload later then when rust was “announced”.

Also considering you are making a “zombie survival game”, you might as well go cop out 7DTD, day z, war z, and every other z! :v:

what a trickster!!!

Good thing it didn’t come out, it dosen’t look good compared to Rust!
Even if Rust came out after people would play Rust. Garry is a experienced and popular developer

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The upload date changed when I made it public again I guess, this is the real date :

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Yet I find it amazing you now bring up the video to public. As how can they take ideas from your “game” if no one could even see the video?

God just came to me and said this guy really did think of Rust first. Looks like he gets to win.


It was “Not listed” which mean you could access it with the link

One of my friend probably gave the link to Garry, who then stole my idea

I dont see floppy dicks anywhere in this video. Please go away now.

too bad game ideas aren’t patentable

also garry’s lawyers cost more than your lawyers gl suing them

I don’t see any signs of your idea being stolen at all

I find it amazing you are accusing garry of stealing your… “Work” even though you have no proof that he did so. You are just speculating.

Just look at the textures, the grass, the weapon animation, etc.

Aren’t those the default unity models and textures?

Not at all

…you know, I doubt Garry is the first person even to imitate the world we live in

And these things don’t fucking match up at all anyway. I’m giving you a 6/10 because you actually spawned a discussion

Rust is over 1.5yrs old now I’m pretty sure

Even if this video did somehow get to Garry and he decided to take inspiration from it
that doesn’t entitle you to anything