So i run this cracked server and i always get these lame hackers, and i mean always! so they have this unban tool right, which means u can never ban them! so i was thinking of another idea.
how about a tool which when u ban the person( and they joing again) they get reported to a jail maybe a metal cage! and obviously they can noclip out so when they try and get out, it teleports them again and again and again!
until they get annoyed and rage! this would be amazing for people to enjoy the game who can afford it, because everyone on my server are getting the full game on their pay day! so this is just an idea because i dont know if you guys who have the full game get these loosers joining and ruining such a good game! hopefully someone who is smarter can see this post and make it asap! thanks:)

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How about stop running a cracked server, you dummy?

Do you own a pirated version of Rust?

and, literally 100% of this is idea is bad.

Please don’t type with bold and underlined text for your post, it’s annoying and hurts my eyes. Why are you even running a cracked server?

And change your title (of this thread).

If you are running a cracked server, maybe, JUST MAYBE they are running cracked versions rather than using an unban tool?

Why even ask this.

Gonna go ahead and say yes.

I had the suspicion

and sadly I was right.

“Cracked server? what if he has a pirated rust as well?” was the thought.

But honestly, why did you mention that you run a cracked server on the official Rust subforums, which implies that you have pirated it?


Fucking lol

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I know someone who’s gonna be a lot looser after he goes to prison for pirating software :downs:

The unban tool works because you’re running an emulated server and everyone, including you and the hackers, is using emulated Steam and can regenerate fake Steam IDs.

If you don’t want to deal with that, fuck off, kill yourself, and then buy Rust. In that order.

Should be more like your friend, Twixy ( At least he’s not a scumbag pirate. Could learn a lot from his example.

Added bonus is that s/he made a suggestion in the wrong section to boot too.

The bonus is if you google his name, he (or someone sharing his name) has several accounts on porn sites and cam sex sites :v: