RUST STRATEGY: Making a house to bait raiders...

I’m contemplating making a house to bait raiders. I’ve had a bit of think about it… where would be the best place, what would be a good natural setting for it, how I would build the house, chat manipulation etc. I’m thinking a wood house somewhere open but with the doorway within M4 range of rocks, crates on the ground floor on an outer wall, possibly a wood door to encourage downing of weapons/afk door hacking… I’m nowhere near a 100% on my plans. The biggest raiders on our server outnumber us by at least double so the plan needs to be damn good. Essentially, we’re thinking baiting the raiders may possibly reap better rewards, if we can pull it off, than actually raiding a house AND it’s just something new and interesting to try.

Basically, I’m just looking for thoughts and suggestions of the experienced Rust players that, no doubt, lurk these forums.

Nothing makes me want to raid a house more than someone shooting at me and then running into their house…just saying.

This is certainly something to keep in mind but would possibly require 1 person to remain in the house. Definitely worth consideration. Theoretically… if, when they start hacking and are shot at by the 2-3 people in the rocks, they are likely to look away from the house at this point and move. If the 1 person in the house is in some kind of safe room with window he could shoot them whilst they are moving around and distracted. This 1 person would be screwed if the plan fails but it could be worth the risk. For this, the house would have to be at least 2x2x2 maybe? If the front door is wood and the door to get upstairs is metal, any number of windows is fine and they’d probably still go for the front door with crates downstairs to entice them in. The one guy would be in a prime position to get some shots on target.

After being raided 5 times in 5 days I made a small house hidden on a cliff. I then was collecting resources to get enough mats to make some c4 to return the favor to the people that were raiding my house. When I was out collecting I would always take the wood for no reason at all. After collecting a large chest full of logs I decided to make a bait house. Now with all this wood this house was pretty big and I set it up right in the middle of Hacker Valley south. This was a short distance from where I was living. I set it up during a slow time on the server and spent a long time crafting the foundations and ceilings. 5x5 house with two floors. (25 foundations and 49 ceilings).

After taking the time to set this up and make it look like people were living in it. The bottom level had 10 metal doors leading in to it. These doors lead to more doors and so on. There was only one way to the second floor. The second floor consisted of walls, nothing but walls.

Sure enough after setting this house up the next day it was raided while i watched from a distance. It was funny watching them waste the C4 on the doors and walls just to get nothing. After they figured out it was a bait house I followed them to their house and raided it that night. I fixed the walls and doors that were blown up to make it look new. Its been raided a couple of times since then while my real house was perfectly fine and not touched.

The bigger the house, the bigger the target.