Rust Streamer

Well guys I thought I’d do a quick thread just to say that I’m a streamer, and that I was able to get into the beta; I will therefore be livestreaming Rust as I had today.
I also stream other games such as DayZ, but for the next few weeks / months I’ll be doing a lot of Rust!

If you want to check it out, I’ll be streaming tomorrow around 12pm GMT-1 / BST ( If not later tonight ) -

Awesome man, Look forward to seeing some of your videos. I really want to play rust, so let me know your impressions. been trying to find as many videos as possible

Next best thing to playing it is watch someone else… i guess…

That’s how I found out about it, though I stopped watching when the guy starting axe smashing anyone he saw. That not very enjoyable to me.