Rust streamers

Dear Rust players,

I want to make this thread so twitch streamers can introduce themselves to Rust.
The basic idea of this is to help people out that are new to Rust, so are you a streamer and want to help out all the beginners post your streamer link.

My twitch stream is
If you want help or just want to enjoy some Rust gameplay join my stream (Q&A).

I tried watching rust streams. I got sick of hearing guys nearly into adult hood saying “get raped”.

Sometimes it’s hard to find good streamers…:stuck_out_tongue:

Since you like it that much: GET RAPED!

I stream RUST every once in a while, but it’s rough to stream most of the time since everyone that finds out what server you are on will just spy on you and raid your base as soon as they can.

There are ways to block out which server you are playing on.

I’m 29 and will say that while gaming. Not TO the person, but to the universe and anyone in earshot. Some people just get riled up and blurt out anything.

I’ve had people say “UHHHH I want to suck your dick!” in voice chat after a good DOTA 2 play. It’s just how gaming is, and they’re just words. There is no meaning behind them.