Rust strikes again.

Be careful when playing this game, as it likes to eat up video cards. My one year old GTX 675m has been blown up by some alpha garbage coding.

You should have maxed the fps at 30 because you’re playing on a laptop and everything over 30 fps and the laptop will become a source of molten plastic

My 4 year old GTS 450 is doing pretty well, with a pentium dual core,lol not even on a core 2 duo. Id better knock on wood.

clean your fans out ya noob.

Claiming that a game ruined your graphics card is like saying driving on a highway caused your engine to throw a rod. Your card was screwed up to begin with.

No overheating problems on my gtx680m.

hahah what?
you failed hardcore on your reply :smiley:

lol. exactly.

Get a decent machine…

more fps the harder your card will work
and cause laptop has shit cooling it will melt
use your brains

You shouldn’t buy your GPU’s from Ebay. :v:

I’m playing this with two GeForce 9800’s in SLI, these are incredibly old by your standards. They run at 50% capacity with the graphics halfway up, capped at 30 FPS. They are not heating up that much because I clean the fans every month or so.

You must be neglecting to clean your computer, well done.

you wrote max it at 30 fps which is totally bullshit.
i play on my laptop and on my PC, my Laptop is easy able to handle this game way above 30 fps jerk at constant 75° which is totally normal for laptop hardware

So you’re saying that playing a game with low requirements at >30fps makes the card work harder than if you’re playing a high req. game that the card is not able to run at more than 20 fps? Makes no sense, maybe you should “use your brains” …

“What? My pocket pc is getting super loud and hot while playing? Better don’t care about what happens to my surroundings and stuff!”

dumb ass, 5mins google after my fans started give to noticable sounds

Months ago i didnt play anything else but Rust, my video card is broken now, if i don’t use 100% fan speed it’ll over heat in second. gg AMD radeon 7970 ^^

shitty case cooling, shitty cable management

Oh no, my speakers have broken! Clearly, it was because I was listening to Metallica, and not because I was using a dirty, ancient amplifier surrounded by garbage hooked to a shitty power supply and speakers with an inadequate impedence rating.

Metallica is clearly at fault. No one should listen to them, and they should buy me a new stereo.

The funny thing is, it uses the Unity engine which is a well made and heavily user-tested engine. Your graphics card not working anymore has NOTHING to do with Rust :stuck_out_tongue:

My veteran Nvidia 8500GT has no problem.It’s 6 years old and even if the rest of the computer is f@cked up a bit,good old GPU always delivers.
Plus,Unity is a decent engine as far as I know.