[Rust] Stuck in the rocks

HI everyone! I am stuck in a small gap in the rocks next to resource valley but I cant get out (North Everust Mountain, On the way down at Hacker Valley North/Resource Valley) , there is not even space to build something (workbench/storagebox etc). Any tips on how to get out? I got pretty much resources with me so I don’t wanna suicide :’)

Thanks in advance!


UDP Tyrese/Nick

Happened to me (in a different place). I built a storage box, jumped on that, and then I could jump out (although it took a few tries).

There is no room to build anything unfortunately :’) Thanks for your respond though!

I was stuck in that very same area. I had to suicide to get out. I’ve heard rumors that there is a ‘/do unstick’ command, or ‘do unstick’ in console. I’m not sure how they work, I couldn’t get it to work on the server I play on.

Best of luck.

crouch jump and put the box under you

type the command suicide in the command box

There’s a nasty one in between French Valley and Forest which got me once.

Thank you everone for you replies!

The box thing is a “building thing”, which I said was not possible ^^
I’ll just suicide and let Rust know of the “Bug”!

lol i was running and fell in the hole with about 7 other friends it was bad we lost 7 m4’s kevlar, and like 5 c4 v.v no way out

try and screenshot the area or record yourself trying to get out and send it to the devs so they know where to fix the terrain.

suicide then re spawn, If not near the same place were you first suicide d then Suicide again until you get back, Near the location were your backpack is.

Get someone else to stand on a rock close to you and try to throw your stuff at him. This will work with rocks not being too high.

newlambton and iVolution, this thread is from December. I’m sure he’s not still stuck.