Rust: Stuck on Connecting to Server: Please Assist

Alright folks, here is another issue I have run across.
This time there is no black screen.
There is the rust logo, it loads to 99% head.
Then it gets stuck when it is connecting to the server.
If I wait, it says I was disconnected and shows the number -117.

EDIT 1: How do I do the icon with the guy shooting himself. :stuck_out_tongue:

i heard it’s map wipe going on right now

Its either a Map wipe, or they are uppdating to a newer version :slight_smile:

They are encountering problems trying to update the server; it shouldn’t be much longer.

May I ask how you know that? Do the devs have a twitter? Because I tried to find it but wasn’t able to.

If you watch the home page you will notice it keeps changing indicating they are adding and removing things trying to fix the server.