RUST Subforum Sigs

I think it would help keep us organized and tidy up this messy forum if we all had signatures so I made some for whoever wants to use them. Please PM me if you want to use one of these so I can give you my permission.

i dont even know what to say…


Why would we ever need signatures…

I do think it is funny that you took some quotes from the biggest dumbasses here, but how did I not get a quote then? I am offended.

i run a sig clan i commission you for thirty more i will use them all can i pay you in yuan

Those aren’t signatures. Those are novels.

Great Idea! I’ll start!

lope no your already starbound donT CROSS THE FANDOMS

Good thing you own The Joker, right?

That model is even ripped straight from that site.

[sp]Don’t worry i actually hate Rust dont let them know though[/sp]


Here’s my signature, I made this a couple months ago

I am a budding artist.

And a bonus, here is my box art for the released version of the game, as a bonus! :dance:

Best signature ever made

[quote=“SigmaLambda, post:1, topic:151686”]


thats not rust thats sword art online. learn anime dumbass.

[quote=“ScottyWired, post:14, topic:151686”]

That sir is rust

this is art