Rust Suggestion List

Just a little list of some ideas that should be added to the game. I am aware that some of these ideas have already been discussed or trialed in-game however I want to create a list where people can view everyone’s ideas. If you have any ideas, please comment them below so I can add them to the list

<Items, Weapons and Attachments>

LMG of sorts? Can only be found in helicopter or Airfield?

Bring the flashlight attachment for weapons back from Rust Legacy

Laser Sight:
Bring the Laser Sight attachment for weapons back from Rust Legacy

Miners Hat and Candle Hat:
The ability to switch them on or off without opening your inventory. Maybe a hot key, say Q or F?

Rifle Scope:
A 4x or 8x rifle scope attachment for long range engagements. Will make the Bolt Action even more useful. Make it look like the crossbow scope from Contagon not like the Call of duty scope with a black boarder

Extra Attachment Slot:
A slot for an extra attachment on a gun. Maybe only find these in the world and airdrops?

Small BackPack:
Equitable backpack which adds the small wood storage storage space to your inventory. All items stored in the backpack will stay in the backpack when it is dropped or moved into your inventory. Max 1 Backpack per player? Backpack will be equipped on craft?

Large BackPack:
Equitable backpack which adds the large wood storage storage space to your inventory. All items stored in the backpack will stay in the backpack when it is dropped or moved into your inventory. Max 1 Backpack per player? Backpack will be equipped on craft? Steam market variants? (Green, Black, Blue, Orange)

Hazmat Gear:
A full set of Hazmat Gear stops you from getting radiation poisoning

Can play music from a set radio station or can play music from a folder in the rust directory. Can be placed inside a vehicle for awesome music

Jeep or some type of transport. Will allow 2 players to sit in the front and a max of 4 to sit/stand in the back. Can shoot in the back of the jeep? Runs off High Grade Fuel

Cheap version of car. Slower and more venerable. Can shoot on bike with reduced accuracy? Uses food/water out of player instead of fuel? Maybe durability?

Rain hell from above with a helicopter. Load it with 5.56 Ammo and fly around in your attack chopper. Runs off high grade. Can hold 2 in the cockpit, 2 in the back and 2 on the landing bars. The people on the landing bars can shoot

Fuel Refinery:
Converts low grade fuel (x5) into High grade fuel (x1)

High External Stone Gate:
Stone version of the High external wood gate

Eat from hot bar by scrolling to the food and clicking it

Large Med Pack:
Can heal from the hot bar by selecting and clicking. Maybe needs animation like the bandages or syringe

Pentagon Foundations/Roofs etc:
Place pentagon stuff… It’s cool… Trust me…

Flechette Shotgun Ammo:
Has less range than the buckshot and the slugs but fires more bullets per sho. Fires needles? (Ammo Color Idea: Orange or Blue?)

Place chairs that you can sit on, tables that you can eat from, benches that you can put stuff on and a small chest of draws that you can put stuff in (And also place lanterns on top)

<Crafting, Building and Blueprints>

Radiation Pills:
Ability to blueprint and create the radiation pills

Large Water Collector:
Ability to blueprint the large water collector

Large Oil Refinery:
Ability to blueprint and build the large oil refinery

Tree House:
Make houses in the trees?

House Boat:
Create a house on a boat? Has floatability?


The ability to go prone on the ground? Stealth?

Can be placed near chests, walls and other items instead of a 2cm gap in between

<Hud, Optimisation and Extras>

Hud (Heads Up Display):
Maybe add a stamina bar?

Maybe add
-Large Med Pack Healing

Character Customisation:
Ability to select what you look like (Male/Female, Race/Color of skin)

Create a server command that can allow the use of a teleport command. (Like sv_tele 1/0)
When teleporting, you don’t assume the sleeping position but you spawn straight in, like back in Rust Legacy

Lower graphics requirement for low end PCs??? Turn clouds off?

Signs don’t go off graphics setting when you are drawing them. On the lowest setting its hard to tell what you are drawing because it’s so blurry. Text type tool? So you can type words

Will update frequently, please comment your idea’s or suggestions so I can add them to the list

I dont mind having a scope, but I am concerned about 8x and above, as they are too highpowered, a suggestion could be to have something like a M145 which zooms 3.4x, but that is just my opinion.

Get rifle, get 8x scope, build tower, win forever. Not really interesting.

Bearen, I agree 110% however isn’t that what the bolt action is, a sniper? Also when you are sniping in rust you need to consider Air drop as well… Or the bullet won’t hit the target. Maybe a 4x scope?

Ye I’ve been suggesting a x4 scope. Not because I think in real life everybody in the military uses it, but because I think it would be a fair distance for AK people to notice the sniper and thus not too overpowered.

I like that idea, I feel that having a 4x scope would be a good scope power