Rust Suggestion

Hi guys, I have been following Rust development for a while, unfortunately i wasn’t fortunate enough to get a key but i have been watching streams.
Several streams have had issues with map wipes… several hours building a fortress only to have a map wipe kill the construction.

If I’m reading the updates correctly the reason for map wipes is because the number of models on the map reach the limit meaning no more models can be made.
Obviously on large constructions this can be a massive amount and from the streams I’m watching large constructions appear to be most common, this is where i thought of the following…

At the most basic a construction building will be …

1 foundation
4 columns
3 walls
1 doorway
1 door
1 ceiling

Total 11 models
If a single model (code level) is created for these that could free 10 models

For example combined models could be …

1 foundation + 4 columns = 5 models but if a single model of these combined existed this would free 4 models.

Combined models would not be available to the player, the game would switch the models on the fly as constructions are made.

For all i know this may be the way things work at the moment i thought it may help.

Theyve already done this, each grid cube in a foundation area has a certain like, subtype or something for whats placed on it. This made us able to go from 1-2 days to a week without a wipe

Making suggestions are frowned upon as they do nothing generic to the game overall.

I suspected this may have been the case, it was just that map wipes were nearly always blamed on the server hitting model limits, I was merely looking for a possible workaround.

This would cause the game size to increase dramatically