Rust Suggestions, any feedback welcome

**Suggestions: **

  • Variability in trees: some trees are far bigger or smaller, different appearance in bark and leaf colour and they all warrant different wood gain. The best trees are rarer and take longer to find. This could accompany the wood piles although I somewhat feel the wood piles wouldn’t be needed with this in the game.

  • Different types of hatchets: perhaps some hatchets can chop the trees above while the others can’t or just simply increase speed. Different appearance of hatchets etc.

  • Pickaxe changes: Should have more use, why can you mine with a hatchet? Shouldn’t this be only the pickaxes job?

  • More animals: Elephants etc. Animals that take a group of people to kill, perhaps farming capability for “endgame” Rust or something, vague explanation I know sorry.

  • This one I’m not sure about but: The time it takes to chop down things displayed how long left you have to remove it like a wooden door. Could prove unrealistic and I’m sure a lot of people would prefer without but ye

  • Possibility to have a /unstuck command or something: Not sure how it could be integrated without being abused but I’ve had people trap me in houses with metal doors etc. for hours on end. Ok it only happened once but it is still a major pain especially on No PvP servers.

  • Add “buddies”: Basically be able to give a key to friends so they can also use your door, it’s quite annoying to have to make your house/base with 2 doors because your friend can’t open your door and vice versa.

  • More misc items: This one is a bit pointless but would add more fun to the game like the ability to get dyes to make your clothing different colours etc. Just misc items that have little use basically. Since this is a far less fundamental suggestion I’d prefer this one only to be thought of something that would be made in the far future.

I’m sure a lot of this will come in time anyway since it’s Alpha but I’d enjoy seeing the rest of the communities opinion on these anyway. Tried to be original but I’m sure some of these have already been suggested. Thanks for reading anyway!

Variability in trees: Yes, you have my full support. You get MUCH better aesthetics, too, a nice bonus.

Different types of hatchets: We already have two, what other kinds can you come up with?

Pickaxe changes: yup, I find it stupid that you can harvest wood with a pickaxe, that makes no sense.

More animals: yes, rust really needs a lot more variety. No to elephants though :v: that’s just bizarre.

“health” visual: I could go either way on this one. It takes away from immersion to benefit convenience, so if you love immersion (like myself,) this one wouldn’t really sit all that well.

/unstuck: iirc, this existed in the webplayer, people would talk about it often when I used to play, never had to use it personally. Yes to this though, just in case.

“buddies:” this is already confirmed on the trello to be coming.

misc items: game is in early alpha, there is definitely a lot more content to come, but I support what you listed out there.

overall, nice useful list, keep 'em coming :smile:

Well they’d only have small visual changes or colour changes although they’d differ in what they can do. Perhaps a bigger axe for chopping larger trees more efficiently and a thinner sharper one for the smaller trees or only for gum trees or willow trees etc.

That is presuming they were to implement the tree variability

Nah, I really just don’t feel it, to be honest. It’s too much content for the same purpose, I feel things need to be kept kinda simple. HOWEVER, if they decide to eventually implement degradation to tools and weapons, this might be more viable as maybe opting to have a hatchet that collects much faster, but decays much quicker, etc.

Perhaps you can only learn to use one of them so it’s a big choice as to which you specialise in

Then again that’s treading into RPG territory so I guess it may not suit the style

Well forever ago, I made a thread asking about adding RPG elements, and MaxofS2D responded to my thread that they had it planned, so that idea probably won’t be too far off.

Regarding the health bar on walls or furniture, why not skip the health bar entirely, and instead have different models, based on its health?

Take, for example, a wooden door. As somebody bashes it down, at 75% health, cracks form in the doorway. At 50%, the cracks grow larger, and at 25%, a major part of the door has fallen off. It’d make figuring out the health of walls and other associated things clearer, both for raiders, and constructors.

It wouldn’t have to be dynamic, mind you, just three more models for when the item is at that specific percentage.

And then it fits with the rest of the games harshness and realism.

I definitely agree with this idea over mine, great work!