Rust suggestions on improving the gameplay

Hello, first I would like to start off by saying I love Rust and that the game is fun and addicting, but I would like to point out a few things that makes the game’s experience a little dull or boring. I will point out these things and I will also suggest a way on fixing them, and if you like my way of fixing these problems then be sure to leave a comment saying that you support my opinion. To start off I would like to talk about the lack of supplies throughout the game on highly populated servers. I’m sure that everyone has played on an official high populated server, and that on the server there is very little rocks and wood piles due to the amount of people gathering these resources. A way to fix this problem is to make one players rocks and wood piles that spawn throughout the world only visible to him and no one else throughout the island, and upon doing this the spawn time on wood piles and rocks should be extended. Another problem that I’ve noticed was the Blue Print system, and I know a lot of people like this system but it seems very grindy and a bit dirty in my opinion. A way to fix this problem for the blue prints and research kits for all items is to make a system where you have to craft to gain the knowledge to make more items. Let me explain this system a little better, so as most people know they are metal house that you can make but you need the blue prints which takes a LONG time of grinding zombies I was thinking instead of farming zombies for the research kits and the metal parts they could just make a skill type system for all types of crafting and making metal houses would fall under “Building Crafting” the more wood houses you make lets just say every foundation with a wall, pillars, and a roof would contribute 5 points in “Building Crafting” and when you reach a certain skill set (lets just say 30) you learn the way of crafting metal houses or metal parts to making a metal house, and same with the weapons; the more weapons made the more that are unlocked to be made. One more thing that isn’t a problem, but I just personally think it should be implemented is Seasons along with natural disasters. Let me explain the system, every real time week a new season should occur starting with summer, autumn, winter, spring, then summer again. Now with the natural disaster system would include certain disasters happening according to the occurring season such as in winter in would have a blizzard or snow (even though snow isn’t a disaster).

P.S. This is all my opinion the game developers do as they please I’m sure they know how to develop their own game to make it successful, these are just my opinion on what would enchant the game play.