Rust Suggestions on Trello Board HERE

Hello guys,

I made a board for all the suggestions - that are ART related.
It will grow over time.

Any person who has something seriously to add, i can invite you.
Do not post something unrelated or I give you 1 warning to stop that.
If you do it again, you can no longer place stuff.

Share the word.


i love your art mate, but i’d probably steer clear of making any kind of rust trello…even if it is intended as a suggestion forum.

hello, I like your concern for collecting the ideas from users.
but I think deveria leave some details clearer.
Unofficial page (correct me if I’m wrong)
category of suggestion (UI, AI, art, objects, biome, etc.)
Top 20 suggestions according whom?
suggestions considered, rejected, developing.

would begin by reading some posts old and new. and drafting suggestions seemed an more serious or groundless.
I will be happy to assist, but you have to improve this organization.