RUST Suggestions: RUST Sleeper App (IOS/Android) & Poisoned/Fire Arrow(s)

Today at school I was thinking about RUST & I thought it would be so great if I could to open an app on my phone and view my sleeper from an overhead view! IP address maybe?

Also, Poisoned/Fire Arrow(s) I would like to see the poor bastard I shot drop from a good poisoning. Think about it… Like a slowing poison or something!!! AND fire could burn them to death???

I’m just a bored student trying to make RUST a better place… I’m the first that I’v seen to post one of the above suggestions please RUST do as I ask I love FacePunch!!! You guys rock my socks off!

Please note that suggestions are meant to be posted here

That being said, I always thought it would be cool if there was an app to alert you if your house was being hit with a rock. You’d think your character would be able to wake up from all the racket anyways XD.

well, in honesty, you can post them either place. the forum is for discussion, the suggestion/bug section is new and primarily for bug reports, despite the suggestion area.

op, these are both pretty old suggestions anyway, but i still love the idea of poisons and fire damage. as for the app, they were looking into that a while back, don’t know if there has been any advancements; most of their focus is on baseline:)

I too would love to be able to login to either an app, or a website (, and be able to see a static snapshot of my sleeper. So many times I don’t actually have time to login and connect from home, but just want to know if I survived the night, and am still alive.

What if the app was tied to some building advancement in the game and was craftable when you make a certain level home security system. That would be quite interesting.

Wouldn’t be it great if you captured some Wolves and Bears, and had them in separate cages/areas inside your house with your sleeper locked away safely.
When you get the alert that your house is being broken into you could have an option on your app to [Open Traps] that will release the Wolves and Bears.
Imagine the surprise of the would be raiders when a group of Wolves and Bears come running straight at em. You could watch the entire episode using a [Spectator Mode].
Of course this would only work if the animals didn’t walk through objects like David Copperfield :slight_smile: