Rust suggestions

i think they should have a swap the M4 with some sort of Ak, it just seems to fit in more with the damage and recoil. I think farming should be added as in you should be able to build alittle farm outside your house maybe. They are probably going to do this anyway but i would like different food with different animals giving different health and food maybe 5-20 health. I would also like a crossbow which would take metal fragments and wood to craft and take maybe a little longer then the pipe shotgun to reload. Also if they are going to put other guns in i feel like the mp40 would be a nice gun to have with a lot more recoil then the mp5 but a little more damage. I would also like some sort of semi auto rifle with like 27 damage and good range. tell me what you think guys :).

I totally agree with the Crossbow and the AK.
An AK would fitt perfectly into the design of the new revolver and the pipe shotgun.

One suggestion I hear everyday is the need for a toggleable autorun.

yes that might be useful, i was thinking about leaning may be something to look at but that would change the combat alot.

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i think it is every hard to add new guns because of the way the combat is damage is a really important aspect in the game, which is good but it need a lot of thought to balance everything