Rust Support

Greetings. Is there any way to contact support regarding account issue?

Nope. If they did they would have many noobs emailing garry saying his account was lost and he needs another key.

Or just be upfront like “oh plz need key k thnx pl0x”

my key no work… i kned an kee becuz mi ol wun was fake yu scammer

If the account issue is, “You are already connected to a server,” the answer is, no, there is no support contact for you.

This is a major known issue, and welcome to an alpha. Alpha software means things break. A lot. This is going to happen, and the best thing you can do is be patient and understanding, because this is when it should be breaking, so that it can be fixed so it doesn’t break later, when it’s more important for Rust not to break and keep people from playing for days at a time.

Thank you for your answers, all of you. Sadly, the thing is not about the key nor about the already connected bug.

Then what is it? (Note: Don’t disclose personal info, like passwords/etc.)

It is about personal info. To be more concrete - email.

What’s wrong with your email?

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. No, you cannot change the email address.

Where’d you get your account? Flagdog says you’re from Lithuania, so it seems odd that you’d have a Hotmail UK account.

Maybe from this guy? Flagdog says he’s from the UK, but you aren’t. You do realize what this looks like, don’t you?

Yeah i do know how it looks like.

i have a big Problem, i cant build fundaments. Please help me.

I cant join a server I click on the server it does nothing I’ve shut down and restarted steam and rust many times still when I click on a server it still does nothing the server is empty so that’s not a problem and I’m connected to the internet so what’s the problem and I just downloaded it today so its the right version plz help p.s.