Rust Survival Guide - Tips and Tricks video series.

Hey guys, I am compiling data, tips, tricks and guide information for an overall survival guide to rust starting with Extreme Basics, such as picking a server, and moving up to advanced topics like aiming techniques. The first video is up and here it is.
This is Extreme Basics, Servers. The text of the guide and the videos will be available to read/watch at - Hope it is useful to as many people as possible. This game is awesome, and some basics for newbies might keep them coming back.

I will post new episodes here, but you can also just go to the playlist on Youtube at:

Here is Episode 2 of the video series. These are extreme basics, so keep checking to see when the more advanced stuff is posted.
At the end of this video, I freaked out a player on the server with a mass airdrop. I suppose he never saw one before. “WTF lol.”