Rust Survival Mod (Draft) - Which features are implementable?

Hi guys, I’m drafting a mod up and I’m wondering which of the following features I may not easily be able to implement:

Full draft here:

players accrue survival points per unit of time, dying means losing a great portion of survival points and possibly transfers them to the killer
winning condition is the player or team with highest survival points
points sent to a webserver which displays a ladder with points and current game status
upon joining a server, players can join one of three teams, there is an individual ladder and a team ladder displayed on the website. team points is the individual survival points combined for players in that team.
no real solution to the grieved bases (thus remaining on the server for a long time withotu use) apart from the /remove command which has exploit issues. daily or weekly tallies/resets should mitigate this issue. could this be solved with a very small decay time?
i want to maintain a vanilla feel, thus i probably wont be editing drop rates. daily or weekly tallies/resets should mitigate this issue.

new problems these changes may introduce:

if survival points are lost players may get mad and leave the game - points would also be lost when they are killed by a hacker. perhaps only half survival points would be lost. perhaps a /report <player> feature to help manage reports. perhaps when a hacker is banned using /bancheater <player> the points are distributed amongst the players he killed. players would be killing their own team for points, thus points transferred MUST be less than points lost to introduce a net loss for team killing.
no real way for people to know who is on their ladder team.

misc additions:

custom cheat detection: recoil analyser, fall damage detection, headshot likelihood analyser, loot glitch detector, inside a rock base detection