RUST Survival series Episode 6 - Raiding time! Plus, poor noob.

The crew go on a raid. Also, we decimate some poor noobs wooden shelter with C4.

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@6:01 you GOTTA watch! HAHA.

I’m guessing this was back when duping was exploited.

I want too know how this game can be fun for people who just dupe everything and use exploits. seems like cheating too me and that always takes the fun and excitement out of a game. At least for a true gamer like myself. I also wouldn’t mess with fresh spawns if anything I make them my friends and give them supplies. Usually they return the favor or assist in help during a battle/raid.

MY BASE -_- 4:46

I also hope rice n chicken gets banned he’s such a cheater.

Yes, you are correct. This was about 1 week ago. I had no idea it was possible until I killed a guy and he had 250 of everything!

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He really is.

It comes down to just winning and some people just want to be the ‘best’ at whatever cost. People forget that you actually get better when you play against people better than yourself. Sure it sucks in the mean time as you’re consta getting blown away but keep at it and those skills will develop.

Idk how people have fun running with big groups, taking out lone wolfs left and right. Where’s the challenge in that? Unless you come across another group of 6.

Shit dupe is back

no its not, this was recorded a week ago

OK ¨¨

Well, we were on our way to find some of our “enemies” at the time we saw that naked noob. He was just collateral. And the servers were being wiped soon from the dupe glitch so it didn’t matter at that point.