Rust - Survival tips - Day 1 tips for survival

Some of you may be new to Rust! I know when I started out it was a struggle trying to figure out how to survive my first few days! This tutorial will help you do just that!

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I apologize, the video embedding is not working properly. Please click the link!

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Never mind :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it just doesn’t show up on the preview!

Is this a “lets play” or a tutorial cause its kinda long video for a tutorial

It’s neither really… I guess it’s more of a tutorial than a let’s play though. It’s long because it covers quite a bit of survival tips in your first days in Rust. It covers a wide range of tips so it’s pretty lengthy. My future “tutorials” will be more specific and therefore will be much shorter.

I noticed in your video that you say you cannot get the deer when you first start off “You need a bow or a gun” That’s incorrect, you can crouch up to them and hit them, let them run off do the same process until they are dead…
Just thought i’d let you know!

That may be true, but that’s a lot of work when you can just get a pig I think. But thanks for the tip!