Rust System Specs

Hi i am terribly sorry for posting this thread since there are all ready Threads similar to this one but i made it simply because
i really want to know will it run on this PC.

I have an Dell Optiplex x260 its system specs are

Windows Xp
1 GB of Ram
238 mb of graphic card 2 graphics one itegrated the other one is Geforce 440 MX 128mb
Pentium 4 2.80GhZ

My apollogise again i am teribbly sorry for posting

It might run, but I doubt it will run good.

on Medium settings or low but will i still able to play or it will lagg alot or just lagg spikes?

Lag spikes are usually caused when loading the objects and shit in the world. Most definitely

Even with alot of lagg spikes will it be playable

Well… you should really upgrade your pc
I have
Gtx560 Ti
4Gb ram
G840 (2.8Ghz)
And i can play most of the games on max graphics

Well in my country a 512 mb graphic card costs 200 Dollars that was in use

You should consider buying it from Amazon or Newegg or some shit.-

Also consider moving because $200 for a low-end graphics card is insane.

I doubt it will run, if it does it will be on extremely low graphics, and will lagg. Consider ordering, a better processor and graphics card, from another country :wink:

I have 6 GB of RAM, a GTX 560 Ti and a quad core processor at 3.4 GHz. I still get lag spikes.

You could probably get away with using that setup at the very minimum settings, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t run properly. I mean, that was a really good corporate-use PC…

… 11 years ago.

I’ve got a EVGA GeForce 780 with a i7-4770k, 16GB of RAM with everything overclocked. Due to the way Rust is made, I have little hickups when loading things here and there. It’s nothing minor at all for me, but your rig might struggle a lot in really populated areas.

I don’t think this will do, All though this is a browser game so if you have a decent internet speed it could greatly effect how the game is loaded so i suggest having at least a 1G Graphics card, atleast an I5 or AMD Phenome of some sort, @ somewhere in the 3.'s GHz.

I run mine perfect with 25-29 Download and 5.60-6.10 Upload, along with these specs
Windows 7 Home Premium
i7k @ 3.4 GHz
16 G RAM

Your computer is terribly old. It will not run Rust, or any modern games at all.

A mid-range desktop from last year (or 2 years ago) is able to handle the game at highest settings somewhat nicely.

I have the Optiplex GX620 and this is it’s specs,
Pentium 4 2.73Ghz
HD5450 1GB.
I can only play this game on 15-20fps on Lowest settings. And to be honest your PC is worse than what I currently have, so I can only guess this game is completely unplayable for you. I’m actually making a new Rig in 3 days for £400(619.72 US Dollar) and I’ll see how that goes for me.
Here’s my new specs if anyone can recommend anything for my new Rig I’m making in a few days.
AMD Phenom II x4 965+Arctic MX-2 Thermal Grease Paste Compound
MSI 970A-G43
9800GTX+ 512mb(Soon to be replaced with a HD7850)
CoolerMaster Elite 430

That’s all I have for now but I need help choosing a PSU for less than £40.

I would recommend a newer GPU that is DX11 compatible, and an intel CPU.

(I personally recommend to steer clear of AMD if you want performance and drivers that aren’t terribly buggy)

I would go with a Intel CPU but at the moment, cash is quite limited for me so I thought the best bang for buck CPU to get which I can trust is the Phenom which goes for cheap on PC Websites and has good ratings. But on second thoughts I may change the GPU to the HD7770 which is more in my range and allows me to buy a SSD for games like Arma and possibly Rust if it becomes a stand-alone.

They should really announce the minimum required specs :stuck_out_tongue:

No they shouldn’t… It’s in alpha. They will when it’s actually a game.

i recommend anything above and including an i3 and a 7770, both quite cheap and decently powerful components that will chew through just about any game on medium