Rust Target Practice...? Ideas?

Hello everybody,

Just a random idea-

Wondering if anyone else is interested in having in-game target practice. I was thinking it would be nice to set and shoot targets with the thousands of rounds of ammo that I accumulate through game play. I think it would be cool to have paper targets and/ or food can targets. You could set up wood barricades, then attach paper (which paper has zero use right now) to it. A few reasons this would be fun/ or useful:

  1. Zero in range shots from base windows for later protection against raids
  2. Use up excess ammo
  3. It is fun to just shoot the crap out of guns

If anybody else has some input on this or ideas, please add to the list. Thanks

Just join a war/battlefield server, target practice enough!

I am on a PVP server. I don’t kill other players on sight. I have bases throughout the server and some of my bases on the outskirts of the map, it would be cool to take target practice. Maybe have the ability to tweak sights on guns when adding to or when guns lose accuracy due to getting bumped a lot?

I really want to join one of these servers but I have yet to find an Australian war server, but I agree, these are good enough for learning to shoot, they can just be pretty far between in certain regions.

There is a (used to be) popular Australian war kit server which I have spent a fair bit of time on. After the next update when population increases order servers by population and eventually you will see a “war” or “pvp kits” or “kevlar” server with decent ping. I did play on a US battlefield server with 350 ping briefly and I did alright in firefights provided I saw the other person first. With bad ping you are forced to play aggressively though, you are at an extreme disadvantage unless you come around a corner and spot and enemy, in which case you have almost a whole second to shoot at him before he even sees you come around the corner on his client. It’s a nice advantage being able to line up the bolt action for almost a full second before having to deal with being shot at, be prepared for hackusations though.